Minor Recovers the Addie

[The episode starts with Mansion. In kitchen. Bentley chasing Taffy throwing a frying pans and pots.]

Taffy: You won't get me!

Bentley: Oh no. I attract pretty lefty guys let get off your neck! Then Mrs. Muchmore will finally see you stage you bad rad raccoo-

[His face got hitten by a a frying pan. Fortsythe is cleaning with all forks and spoons.]

Fortsythe: See that syphilis back in Bentley! Concentrate.

[Mrs. Muchmore walks stretches his ribbon in back. Bentley distracts to Mrs. Muchmore to lie down.]

Mrs. Muchmore: O Forsythe! Oh down Bentley. My little biddle kitty! Or want you want! Fortsythe i offered to ascend people. If my little Addie arrives before i returned. Do it curtain her.

[A bell ring is heard with Fortsythe opens his door shows with Addie.]

Addie: Hi!

[Bentley is licks at Addie.]

Addie: Nice doggy! Hi Fortsythe! Let's play! Let's play!

Fortsythe: Marveless. I'll be back with you.

[Scene cuts to living room. Taffy eats sandwich at Addie points at Taffy.]

Addie: Oh hi Mr. Raccoon! Your'e raccoon!

[Taffy face zoomed in concernedly.]

Taffy: What?

[In kitchen. Bentley lays at the floor at the at off-screen is heard.]

Addie: Raccoon! Raccoon! Raccoon! Raccoon! Raccoon! He's a raccoon!

Bentley: Yes!

[Bentley distracts to Fortsythe cleaning with forks and spoons pointing at left doing stretches his leg and go back into the living room.]

Addie: Taffy is the raccoon! Taffy is the raccoon! Raccoon! Raccoon! [Slow-motion] Raccoon!

[Taffy is goes upstairs. A truck is heard on Fortsythe and Bentley putting with the bags.]

Fortsythe: Quiet Bentley.

[In Taffy's plan with Addie with a carpet into the truck. Addie jumps to Taffy stops with a gummy candy in upstairs of full gummies.]

Addie: Raccoon! Oh gummy! Oh another one!

[Taffy cuts to carpet into claw with Bentley rescues with Addie in outside with truck. Bentley is on the truck closed on inside. Taffy is walking whistles appears with Addie with plant hoping.]

Addie: Raccoon! Raccoon! Raccoon! Raccoon! Raccoon! Raccoon! Raccoon!

[In the truck appears with Bentley on the carpet with lands on the Mansion. In water on Addie on the with Fortsythe wears on it. Taffy with a muscle jar fills with water with a fishes on Koi transformation. On Addie eating gummy with Bentley rescues Addie launches on the palm tree on above top on Taffy and far away.]

Addie: Raccoon?

[In Bentley was followed by a mutant Kois by fighted on his head walks and whistles.]

Bentley Rescuing Addie

[Scene cuts to planting room. Addie eating gummies in whole place with Taffy appears on bush.]

Addie: Gummy!

[In Bentley walks with a plants in all dangers are caused. Addie hops into the plants in eating gummies with Bentley at Taffy swinging appears with plant monster to rescue jumps into a flower to rescue Addie on sliding on Taffy and Bentley get eaten by a plant monster inside of a body with Taffy and Bentley frights with a dead person to Bentley.]

Mrs. Muchmore: Taffy. Im home!

Addie: Nenna!

[Bentley uses purse with finding a soda opens to falls on a water causes to burp outside on Taffy hits by an wall on Addie walks on a living room.]

Addie: Nenna i missed you!

Mrs. Muchmore: Oh my little Addie!

Addie: Look Nenna! Raccoon!

Taffy: Oh no!

[To Bentley attracted by a Addie.]

Addie: Good raccoon! He's a raccoon!

Mrs. Muchmore: Excuse me dear. A raccoon?

Addie: Yeah. Taffy is a raccoon Nenna!

[Taffy grins happily, nervously.]

Mrs. Muchmore: Woah. What a the name of?

Taffy: Meow!

[The screen zooms in, making with a music and stops with Bentley.]

Addie: Yeah. you a raccoon! And i'm a raccoon! Of course i'm a raccoon!

Mrs. Muchmore: That's right sweeties! But were all raccoon! [Kisses on her and hugs.] But you have!

[Taffy hops on Mrs. Muchmore on Bentley screams. Episode ends.]

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