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The show follows the misadventures of a raccoon called Scraggs posing as a cat named “Taffy”. Scraggs is down on his luck and is very hungry, but one day he discovers a mansion that has just thrown a pile of perfectly good food away, then Scraggs’ future rival – a doberman named Bentley tries to stops him which leads to a fight. After scaring,Taffy runs away from Mrs Muchmore who called him a fleabag raccoon. Scraggs soon discovers there’s another order of luxury food arriving and is so desperate to get into the mansion, he finds a shiny kitty bow. with the word “Taffy” on it, which ironically came from the box of Taffy candy Bentley was rewarded because Mrs Muchmore thought he scared Scraggs away.

Scraggs tries to get into mansion one more time and the plan worked. He meowed twice and tried to free himself but soon he was in comfort. Mrs Muchmore thought it was a cat and not a raccoon. Mrs. Muchmore renames Scraggs as Taffy. However, Bentley can see though his (not so) clever disguise and from that point onwards, a Tom and Jerry slapstick style rivalry between Taffy and Bentley forms and Bentley will stop at nothing to expose Taffy for who he really is. The sooner Bentley throws away Taffy's beloved bow, the sooner he can go back to enjoying a quiet life of luxury. This means Scraggs will have to get a new house to be a kitty in

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