Forsythe is presumably the secondary antagonist of the TV show Taffy.


Forsythe belongs in the Muchmore Manor. He would kick out raccoons sometimes dobermans usually with his broom. Forsythe is usually distracted and ignores Bentley when he barks that Taffy has his bow taken off and he is seen as a raccoon.


Forsythe is a functional character with a hair-cut and he wears a red bow, a mustache, white gloves, a grey coat with a blue tint, black shoes, and yellow buttons.

Season 1

Enter The Kitty

A Minor Problem

No Strings Attached



Mission Mish Mash

A Bentley Carol

The Switch

Cute or Boot

Raccoon Day

Logging Off

Smell of the Chase

Old Home Reek

Factory Flaw

Robo House

Whisperer To A Scream

Bentley of The Jungle

Out of the Woods

Reach Out And Touch Someone

The White Gloves

Machine Dreams

There Kitty Kitty

Flowers for Bentley

Climate Control Freaks


Raccoon in a Guilted Cage

The Flea Party

The Guard Dog

The Cat’s Pajamas

Happy Home

Buried Treasure

The Fortune 500

Jitter Fever

The Recall

New Leaf Taffy

The New Mrs. Muchmore

Honey I Shrunk the Raccoon


Scare Tactics

The Rival

Mrs. ZZZ


My Fair Puppy

Rags To Ostriches

The Big Sneeze

Flying High

Twin or Lose

Boot Camp Manor

Mirror Mansion


I Love Lamp

A Mouse in The House

Phony Pony


Clone Sweet Clone

Sllence of the Slams


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