Entering the Mansion

[The episode starts with wild Taffy in the dump, hungry.]

Taffy: Ah, hungry. [Grabs a can.]

[Taffy find a peanut jar into go inside of the peanut jar stuck into a peanut jar. His moving his tail with bricks to break with peanut jar. Taffy points at the rock at finger with ants to eat with a stomach noises.]

Taffy: I need some food!

[Taffy finds some foods into the dump. Scene cut to the Mansion appears with Mrs. Muchmore and Bentley.]

Bentley: [Excited] Happy happy! Woof woof woof!

Mrs. Muchmore: Ah please Bentley. You compromised the same as mine!

[Bentley jumps into Mrs. Muchmore happily.]

Mrs. Muchmore: No Bentley your'e too heavy! Fine! [Pushes off with Bentley on ground.She holds a bell to shake with Forsythe giving to food with Bentley is sad pushes the lobster. Scene cuts to Taffy lying on the dump. He smells the food running away into the Mansion with Fortsythe walking into the trash with foods to open when closes.Taffy panics to open their foods. ]


[He runs into the trash, then it smashes his head. he head grabs his head. He going to press buttons too fast with flaming his finger. Bentley encounters a Taffy pressing too much. The trash can opens with Bentley.]

Bentley: Hey! Get out of there!

[Taffy jumps into the trash cans when Bentley finds Taffy.]

Taffy: Over here! Right am here!

Bentley: Come here!

Taffy: Say who get boy!

[Bentley hops with trash can with multiple Taffys.]

Taffy: Hey! Hoo!

[Bentley looking confused when he taps at back with Taffy kicking with a fish when collapses. He jumps into the bushes. Bentley holds with ground when chasing at Taffy.]

Bentley: It's stay out!

[His legs starts far away when Taffy laughs at Bentley when she back at Mrs. Muchmore. Taffy hisses angrily. Mrs. Muchmore faints.Taffy then runs away.]

Mrs. Muchmore: Horrid! Trash gobbling flea bag raccoons! Thank you Bentley your'e my hero!

[Mrs. Muchmore gives a valentine chocolate at Bentley. The ribbon thrown away while look at Taffy is heard a delivery truck with Fortsythe with foods with his head turned into a large eyes.]

Delivery Man: Delivery!

Taffy: Forget the trash cans but i get in there! But how? Think,Scraggs,think.

[Taffy is looking at Bentley and ribbon with his eyes turns into ribbon. Scene cuts to Mansion.]

Mansion Pet

[Scene cuts to Mansion in night. Taffy jumps a bell ring with Mrs. Muchmore at sees Taffy with his ribbon putted his tag to pulls his ribbon Mrs. Muchmore surprised at Taffy.]

Taffy: Meow!

Mrs. Muchmore: What a cute kitty! Such as marveless ift! Clearly from some secret in mirror. And what to adorable name! Taffy!

[Mrs. Muchmore grabs a tag with Bentley growls angrily.]

Bentley: What the?

[Taffy scares away with Bentley giving with a ribbon crawling with a couch with his back got over it.]

Mrs. Muchmore: Bentley! Bentley! Let him go! This instant! Bentley! Be nice new little brother Taffy!

[Bentley jumping at the ceiling lights pulling his tail when flings screams into the ground on Bentley gives that Taffy into Mrs. Muchmore at falling into the ceiling light into Bentley with his]

Bentley: What?

[Mrs. Muchmore points at down. She through tickle to his nose.]

Mrs. Muchmore: Down Bentley! Lie down! Bentley's very sorry. Will never hurt you! Or want you want! How my Taffy Waffy you let in full fit will family now!

Bentley: [Whispering] I don't have i can't help it.

Bentley Must Stops At Taffy

[Scene cuts to outside. Taffy feeding a blue caviar.]

Mrs. Muchmore: Who's my baby yeah! Now we finished at our bowl with be movement my angel!

[The place have many of bowls with Mrs. Muchmore with Bentley sneaks into Taffy taking his ribbon Mrs. Muchmore panics a Taffy wild slips over the caviar.]

Mrs. Muchmore: AAH! A RACCOON!

[Taffy puts his ribbon at Mrs. Muchmore.]

Taffy: Meow!

Mrs. Muchmore: Where is the raccoon! Be careful Taffy there's a raccoon about!

[Bentley facepalms.]

Mrs. Muchmore: What a mess Fortsythe. Please clean this up. We have the-

[A Fortsythe appears in outside at wild Taffy again.]

Fortsythe: RACCOON!

[Mrs. Muchmore and Fortsythe panicking at Taffy. Fortsythe throwing a brush at Bentley falls with his ribbon.]

Taffy: Meow!

Mrs. Muchmore: Oh it's more again! Bentley. Go chase that filthy raccoon! My poor Taffy!

[Scene cuts to bedroom. Mrs. Muchmore is rubbing at Taffy. Bentley looking nervous. In kitchen. Fortsythe made a stack of sandwiches to eat. In bathroom. Taffy was in the bath doing press the massage remote. Bentley throwing a anchor at Taffy with his leg attached leads his head is crushed by a anchor with Taffy splashes on Bentley case to fall downstairs. Taffy slipped over the water in downstairs at Bentley is chasing at Taffy at throwing objects with Bentley into his face with stuffs. Taffy is opens the door is locked at dead end when Bentley laughing evilly to take a bow at destroys with Taffy. Mrs. Muchmore is pointing at Taffy.]

Mrs. Muchmore: AAH A RACCOON! [Holds a telephone] Animal control! Common once!

[A three animal control holding with vacuum with Taffy.]

Animal control: Stop your'e raccoons apprises!

[Animal control is over at Taffy blows inside. Bentley doing victory dance and Taffy with his ribbon back again.]

Mrs. Muchmore: Oh Taffy! My little hero! How know you did but chases of big nasty raccoon! looks like your services are in the after all boys.

[The animal control is walking away. Bentley is confused at Taffy.]

Mrs. Muchmore: Now Bentley. You have thank you kissed to your brave little brother for saving us!

[Bentley is licks at Taffy when disgusted].

Mrs. Muchmore: Come on Taffy Waffy! Lets go griddle little! Stand guard searching Bentley!

[Mrs. Muchmore is taking a Taffy taking his ribbon with his paw with a claw pointing at carpet. Bentley screams sadly. Episode ends.]

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